About Us

YAZ FOOD estabilished in İstanbul by Food Engineer Yalçın Yaz with his 12 years experience in white and red meat process industry. We produce spice, spice mix, special combis, multifuctıional additives, stabilizators, food phosphates, marinations, and brines.
Yaz Food Produce and serve solutions to the sector to meet our customer demands, basicliy reduce the costs, arrange solutions to produce in the best condition.
Our first piorty is human health beneficary, for that reason when we produce and develop our products such as taking advantage of fat water, carbonhyrates and proteins to keep the best taste with high quality products.
Also observe to the sector needs like regional climatic and socio cultural characteristic products. We are very conservative to keep flavour, quality and hygienic principles of our company on the productİon for diffrent needs.
R&D one of top piority to give a direction  to us and  sector for the red and white meet process industry. Also we are developing our self  with our experience and tecnology we follow all around the world for the best result.

To meet our customers needs with high quality product and became a leader of the sector.
High quality and high standart products.
Serve  and produce our best products in the best condition of seasons (harvest to harvest).
Also satisfy our eployee and improve their moral by supporting them in the right manor.
Work for the respect of humanity enviroment universe.